Transforming the World through
Green Blockchain Technology.

About Hashgreen

Hashgreen is a MIT-based startup dedicated to developing on the Chia blockchain. We aspire to solve critical real-world problems using green blockchain technology. As a first step to achieving that goal, we are building dApps and tools on Chia to promote a thriving on-chain economy, and in turn wider adoption.

Decentralized Exchange

Hashgreen has built the first DEX on Chia. Our platform allows users to exchange Chia and Chia Asset Tokens (CATs) in a secure, anonymous, and efficient manner. The beta version relies on the official Chia offer standard, with upgrades coming shortly after. Start trading today at!

Team Members

Schrasing Tong

schrasing (at)

Schrasing Tong is a Ph.D. candidate at the Decentralized Information Group in CSAIL at MIT. His research interests lie in human-computer interaction, with an emphasis on digital privacy and trust. Schrasing strives to leverage blockchains to overcome trust barriers and connect disjoint parties, enabling more efficient and equitable systems.

Harry Hsu

stmharry (at)

Harry Hsu is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at MIT. He was an AI researcher at Google and WorldQuant, focusing on federated learning and front-running alpha discovery respectively. As an AI consultant in his free time, Harry deployed AI models to help hospitals and greenhouse farmers optimize their everyday operations.

Wen-Ding Li

Wen-Ding is a Ph.D. student at Cornell, working on programming language and security. He has worked on high-performance implementations of post-quantum cryptography systems. Wen-Ding also has experience in smart contract security and has disclosed security vulnerabilities for DeFi protocols.

Penny Chen

penny (at)

Penny Chen is a Ph.D. candidate at MIT, specializing in operations research and decision making under uncertainty. Throughout her Ph.D, Penny collaborated with Amazon to optimize order fulfillment algorithms for online retailing. She envisions blockchains to revolutionize the way companies monitor their supply chains.

Sean Zheng

sean (at)

Sean Zheng specializes in full-stack development and infrastructure. Sean enjoys customizing all of the development environment. He is interested in desinging a better problem‑solving method for challenging tasks, and learning new technologies and tools if the need arises.

Rainforest Cheng

rainforest (at)

Rainforest Cheng specializes in front-end development. Rainforest likes to learn about the full stack and try to apply them to his personal projects. He took the master degree in science at National Taiwan University, with the research area of AI applied in material design.

Jason Chiu

rjc (at)

Jason Chiu is Hashgreen’s general manager responsible for evaluating operation plans and talent acquisition. Jason served as project manager for chemical process improvement and conceptual designs projects for petrochemical and chemical companies.

Thomas McArdle

tom (at)

Thomas McArdle is a Partner at Jacket River Capital Partners, a technology focused growth equity firm. Thomas will serve as the interim head of operations and general counsel. He graduated with an AB from Dartmouth and a J.D. from Cornell Law School.

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